Anabelle joins the team!

I’d like to introduce a very special person….my sister ANABELLE!


Anabelle is one of my sisters and she’s 8 years old and really funny. I told her all about my trip, showed her pictures and video and now she really wants to help out and make the trip to Uganda too! She making ornaments and selling them to raise money for her trip. Please support her and buy an ornament or two!

Hi! I’m Anabelle and I really want to go to Africa with my sister to meet kids and give them Lego to make them so happy. I’m making Lego ornaments and selling them to raise money to go on my trip to Uganda. Please buy one and help me reach my goal to help kids in Uganda! You can purchase the ornaments by going to the Play Well Jewelry “buy” page. You can also make a donation here. Thank you!