Play Well Jewelry is on a quest to take used Lego and repurpose them.

The Serratos sisters are turning old Lego bricks into custom jewelry pieces and accessories! Those pieces are then sold and proceeds go towards getting new Lego for kids in need and giving the kids in the U.S. the opportunity to hand deliver Lego to kids in third world countries with Play Well Africa.

The jewelry pieces they make are also a way for other organizations to raise funds for their causes. They have been able to donate Play Well Jewelry necklaces as a way for organizations to fundraise for their own causes!

A majority of the donated Lego goes to Play Well Africa, who hand delivers the Lego to kids in Uganda. They are also donating Lego to others in need. Some examples are local Title 1 schools for students who cannot participate in recess or STEM labs.

December 2017


After overhearing a teacher talking about a student who has to stay inside for recess and lunch with only paper to color, we jumped at the chance to donate from our families private Lego collection.


Uganda 2017


How awesome to revisit the first place Alicia and Play Well Africa distributed Lego! It was so great to help out even more children by distributing over 2,000 lbs of Lego!

Uganda 2016


This trip was Alicia’s first experience handing out Lego to underprivileged kids with Play Well Africa. They visited schools, orphanages, the local markets and even random neighborhoods to pass out Lego to kids in need. It was a life changing trip that inspired Alicia and her family to do more.