Alicia is 9 years old. She is bilingual, a wrestler and a Girl Scout. She loves to participate in volunteer work and has done everything from creating her own healthy cookbook to raise money for her local Ecology Center, started Seed Libraries in schools, collected socks for the homeless, made reusable bags from old T-shirts to donate, participated in park beautification and beach clean ups, made dresses out of pillowcases for girls in Africa, raised awareness about the mistreatment of Elephants, helped start a garden at her school, and even crocheted sleeping mats out of plastic grocery bags for the homeless. She has earned the coveted Gold Presidential Volunteer Award as well.

Her new journey developed from just being a good friend to her classmate Micah. Micah started Play Well Africa, which started as an organization collecting Legos to donate to underprivileged kids in Uganda, Africa. When Alicia heard about the project, she knew she had to help. She told her siblings about the project and together they went through their Legos and donated a gallon bag each. Then, Alicia thought it would be great to get her Girl Scout Troop involved as well. So, she suggested it to her mom and it became there project for two months. Micah then hand delivered the Logos to Africa.

Her interest kept growing and when Micah returned and told Alicia all about it, she told her mom she really wanted to go to Africa to give Legos to the kids herself. She wanted to see how happy they were when they received the Legos. Next thing you know, Micah’s Dad Sequoia and Alicia’s mom Monica were discussing the matter seriously. It was decided that Alicia could go to Africa, but she needed to raise the money for all the expenses involved.

A Crowdrise page was set up for donations, but Monica wanted Alicia to understand the work involved with earning the money to go. So, together they came up with Play Well Jewelry. Play Well Jewelry would offer Lego necklaces and bracelets and all the proceeds would go towards Alicia’s trip.