Play Well Jewelry was the brain child of 9 year old Alicia Serratos. She learned about Play Well Africa, a charity thought up by her friend Micah and how they collect used Lego for kids in Uganda. She was hooked an immediately started planning ways to help. She held a few Lego Drives and told everyone she could about how they could help. After hearing about one of Micah’s trips to hand deliver some of those Lego, she felt it was her destiny to go as well. Her parents felt it was important she find a way to earn the money for her trip…..Thus, Play Well Jewelry was born.


Alicia’s sister Anabelle soon caught that Lego giving bug and joined the team. Her first creation was the Lego ornament and they quickly began to brainstorm more ideas to help their business take off.

Now, their sister Angelica is joining the team! Be sure to check back frequently to see what they come up with!

The girls make all the jewelry themselves, run their Etsy page and even take credit card payments using their Square! They also accept donations.


All proceeds go towards funding their goal of repurposing used Lego for jewelry and helping kids around the world play well! Thank you for visiting their site and supporting their cause!