BIG news!

I have some GREAT BIG NEWS to share! As you all know, my sister Anabelle and I have been saving money to go on a trip to Uganda to hand deliver Lego to kids. This year it was really hard to raise the money for both of us. We worked really hard and held Lego drives and sold our Lego Jewelry, but it wasn’t enough. Today, something AMAZING happened.

Kevin from Mission Viejo Transmission, where they do Girls in the Garage asked me to and Ani to stop by. When we got there he had a check for $1,000 for our trip! I was so excited because that money is just what we needed to get us to Uganda!


I LOVE Girls in the Garage. I have been going there for a few years now and the guys there are always super nice and always teach everyone really cool things about cars. The have been so supportive with Girl Scouts and my Lego adventure. They even let me have a booth at one of the Girls in the Garage events where I sold lots of items.

To everyone at Mission Viejo Transmission, Anabelle and I are so thankful for your support.

If you’d like to chip in and donate to help these two out you can do so here.

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