December is Lego Drive month

As you all know, I just returned from donating Lego to kids in Africa with Play Well Africa. I  also started Play Well Jewelry. Play Well Jewelry is my business, where I make Lego jewelry, and all the money goes to getting Lego to kids in Uganda. Since I’ve been back, I wanted to do something to get even more Lego to kids over there.

I had an idea to do a Lego drive at different schools to collect Lego for even more kids in Uganda. I wanted to have a Lego drive the first week of December to have kids bring in new and used Lego that we could take to Uganda. I thought it would be fun to go to the schools and give a presentation and talk about my trip, share pictures and video and tell students about the Lego drive. Play Well Africa even offered to donate a Lego Trophy to the class that had the most donated Lego!


Let me know if your school would like to hold a Lego Drive! You can reach me at

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