Girls in the Garage

Girls in the Garage is the BEST! I’ve been there so many times and it’s always so much fun! The first time I went I got to learn all about cars. I learned how to put a tire on a car, check the tire pressure, check the oil and lots more. They had music and we got to have a dance party too. They also have a wheel you can spin for prizes. Then, I got to go back and help teach people how to do things. I haven’t been back for a little bit because my sisters had soccer. I’m excited to go Wednesday and see everyone and Kevin (the owner) asked if I wanted to sell me Play Well Jewelry!



So, this Wednesday Girls in the Garage, Play Well Africa and Play Well Jewelry will be hosting a Lego Drive at Girls in the Garage! We’ll be collecting Legos, selling Lego Jewelry, there will be cars, a live band, food and drinks. Stop by for all the fun!


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